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Okuma Wu-long Tea A Premium Chinese Slimming Tea For Effective Weight Loss

Okuma Wu-Long Tea, a Premium Chinese Slimming Tea is convenient and highly effective weight loss solution. It’s proven to be a fast and natural, easy weight loss aid that does not need any dieting nor exercise. These are authentic Wulong tea directly imported from China. Okuma’s Wu-Long comes from only the first harvest, and highest quality tea leaves hand-selected from Fujian Province of China.

Latest Research Finding Show That:
1. It burns 250% more calories than authentic Japanese Green Tea.

2. Blunt the effect of carbs we eat, thereby reducing its fattening effects.

3. Increases the energy levels.

4. Rev up metabolism by up to 12 % over a 24 hour period.

Okuma Oolong Tea Bags

This brand of WuLong Tea was sold out early 2015. Due to the high demand, the 2014 harvest was purchased ahead of schedule. Okuma Nutritionals was first to get the 2015 initial harvest, and it is back in stock.

The recent media coverage from notable media networks (Dr. Oz, CBS, as well as WebMB) has for a fact increased the demand for WuLong Tea.

Okuma WuLong Tea is an unusual kind of Oolong tea that is rupturing with catechins as well as polyphenols – natural antioxidants that help to enhance metabolic process and also burn stubborn fat. WuLong Tea is partially oxidized, which places it midway between green and black teas. It also gives oolong tea the body and also intricacy of black tea with the brightness and also the quality of green tea.

WuLong Tea is imported straight from Anxi Region in the Fujian Province of China. Anxi is considered to be the Tea capital of China. They produce several of the best tea on the planet high in the Wuyi Range of mountains.

WuLong Tea is 100 % natural. There are no chemicals, no GMO’s, no artificial flavors and also no artificial colors.

There are 37 scientific research studies that reveal Oolong tea can assist in clearing up acne and reduce the effects of aging. It also helps with brain and bone health and wellness, helps enhance metabolism, fight cancer cells as well as diabetes mellitus, increase heart health and wellness, helps slim down, and much more.

Why Wu-Long Tea?

It Has An Amazing Aroma
WuLong Tea has one ingredient which is Oolong. The tea has a floral-like orchid notes with a smooth and also pleasurable finish.

WuLong Tea Could Suppress Your Appetite
Consuming WuLong Tea before meals can eliminate “carb cravings” by regulating insulin spikes.

Packed With Catechins And also Polyphenols
WuLong Tea is bursting with naturally occurring anti-oxidants that increase metabolic process and also melt fat.

Research Reveals You Can Shed 21/2 Times Much more Calories Than Green Tea.
WuLong Tea can help you double the calorie-burning results compared with genuine Japanese green.

Slim Fast With Okuma Wu Long Tea

5 More Reasons Why You Should Drink OKUMA’S Oolong Tea
In addition to weight reduction, numerous scientific studies validate that Oolong Slimming Tea:

1) May Clear Up Skin Issues & Provide Your Face A Healthy Glow.
Scientists from Japan’s Shiga College of Medical Science located that drinking Oolong Tea every day improves skin within 30 days. (Source: Archives of Dermatology).

2) Could Reverse Aging and Eliminate Free Radicals
Free radicals cause signs of aging, including of wrinkles, skin imperfections, as well as cancer cells. Thankfully, Oolong Tea substantially decreases free radicals in the body and also helps reduce (or even reverse) signs of aging.

In a 2004 research study done by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto and colleagues from the University of The Golden state, Davis, it was discovered that most who drank Oolong daily experienced an impressive 50 percent decrease in free radicals within 15 days!

3) Ensures Solid, healthy and balanced Teeth & Prevents Cavities.
A brand-new research study from the Division of Dentistry at Japan’s Osaka College reveals the routine consumption of Oolong reinforces teeth, and aids in stopping dental cavity by significantly preventing plaque build-up.

4) Enhances Your Body immune system & Helps Prevent Sickness.
Based on a 2004 research, test subjects that drank Oolong were found to have stronger body immune systems as well as significantly reduced risk for infections such as common cold. (Source: Antioxidants & Redox Signaling).

5) Improves Mind-Body Health.
One most striking proofs of the power of Premium Chinese Slimming Tea comes from the well-regarded Chinese pharmaceutical book Bencao Shiyi (The Compendium of Materia Medica), which says the tea “will make one to live long and remain in good shape.”

And Kiss Your Tummy Fat Goodbye!
Just what happens if you leave this page and also continue with your day? You’ll most likely proceed as usual and as well as fail to make the adjustments you need to implement to begin dropping weight. Please do not allow that take place.



OKUMA Wu-long Tea Where To Buy

Okuma Nutritional’s SlimTea KENYAN-100% All Natural DETOX And WEIGHT LOSS Oolong Tea 1 Month Supply(30 Tea Bags)

SlimTea is a simple, powerful, and EASY way to NATURALLY boost your metabolism, raise your energy levels, and lose weight every day.

Enjoy SlimTea before breakfast and another before lunch to naturally SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE and BOOST YOUR MOOD all day!
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How L-Theanine In Tea Effects Your Mind And Body

L-Theanine and Tea

L-theanine is a water soluble chemical present in tea and accounts for some of the effects of tea on the mind and body. Its availability in tea influences the flavor of tea. It is equally found in a number of foods, and is an amino acid derivative, related to glutamic acid.

Which teas have the most L-theanine?

The concentration of L-theanine in any kind of tea is high, for this relatively uncommon chemical. Two  teas , gyokuro and Anji bai cha, have the highest concentration of L-theanine; around 2% L-theanine by dry weight. Most other teas are closer to 1% by dry weight.
Wikipedia: L-Theanine
L-Theanine Molecule

L-theanine has a savory or umami taste

L-theanine, being chemically similar to glutamic acid, imparts a distinct flavor to foods: it activates the same taste receptors as glutamate (MSG), and thus has a savory or umami flavor. Its high concentration in teas such as gyokuro and Anji bai cha imparts a noticable savory quality to these teas.

L-Theanine and Tea | RateTea

Effects of L-theanine on mind and body: alertness from caffeine, and relaxation

L-theanine has a number of effects on mind and body. Its effects are not fully understood, and are a subject of ongoing research.

L-theanine interacts with caffeine, promoting increased alertness with smaller doses of caffeine; this effect has long been suggested, and has been confirmed by a controlled study.[1] This may explain why tea is so popular for boosting concentration, even though it contains so much less caffeine than coffee. L-theanine also seems to play a role in relaxation. The interaction with caffeine combined with the relaxing effects has led people to claim that L-theanine promotes a relaxed alertness. L-theanine may also promote healthy sleep, and may be one of the reasons that tea seems to play a positive role in sleep, in spite of its caffeine content.[2]

There is also evidence from studies on mice that L-theanine can protect the liver against damage caused by alcohol.[3]

Other names of L-theanine:

L-theanine is often just called theanine. The L is rather superfluous: R-theanine is not a biologically important molecule (all of the essential amino acids are of the left-handed form). L-theanine has many synonyms, including gamma-glutamylethylamide and 5-N-ethyl-glutamine, but these names are not commonly use


1. Crystal F. Haskell et. al., The effects of l-theanine, caffeine and their combination on cognition and mood
Biological Psychology, Vol. 77, No. 2, (Feb. 2008), pp. 113-122.
2. Russ Mason, 200 mg of Zen: L-Theanine Boosts Alpha Waves, Promotes Alert RelaxationAlternative and Complementary Therapies, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 91-95, Apr. 2001.
3.  Effects of Theanine on Alcohol Metabolism and Hepatic Toxicity, Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 9 (2005).

Further Reading:

Theanine on WebMD – Medical information on the use of theanine as a supplement.
L-Theanine on Sloane-Kettering – A review of the scientific literature surrounding L-theanine.

Where to Buy Oolong Tea and What To Look For in Oolong Tea Weight Loss

When it comes to looking for Where To Buy Oolong Tea it could pretty difficult if you need an oolong tea for weight loss. The reason being that the intricacies involved in the semi-fermentation process towards producing oolong tee is wide-range hence varying degrees of oxidation of oolong teas in the market. Secondly, not all tea masters have the perfect knowledge of this intricate and involving process.

Considering Where To Buy Oolong Teas that will actually make you lose substantial amount of pounds very fast, the focus should be on the polyphenol content. Absolutely, high polyphenol content accounts for extra strength oolong Tea which burns fat and calories faster. This results in rapid weight loss when combined with healthy meals and minimal activity.


The semi-fermentation or partial oxidation results in the conversion of the polyphenols in tea leaves into polymerized polyphenol. This is actually the fat burning ingredient. This process is very intricate, as a result not all tea farms have their tea masters involved in making oolong tea. This partly accounts for the reason it’s not as popular as black and green tea. Equally, that makes oolong more expensive that other types of tea.

The Amount of the polymerized polyphenol in the final Wu long tea is affected by where the harvested tea leaves comes from and the species of the cultivars planted. Special strand of cultivars planted on high Wu Yi Mountains tend to have smaller yields but high polyphenol content. These are best used in the production of medical grade Oolong tea. The Wu long tea made from this tea leaves has extra ordinary strength and as a result burn far more fat and calories.

The easiest places to look for oolong tea is, and Because most don’t talk about the milligram in their tea you may be deceived into spending much money for products with low milligrams of polymerized polyphenol. The Polymerized Polyphenols is everything!

Information To Look For When Buying Oolong Tea

  • Any extra strength oolong should contain only oolong or Wu- long tea and nothing else; no chemical, no additive and packaging material must be safe.
  • Secondly, the website you’re buying the product from should be able to tell the amount of polyphenol contained in one tea cup or capsule in milligrams.
  • Thirdly, they should be able tell you how to use it to burn more fat and calories.
  • How much caffeine in the tea in milligrams.
  • How to brew the tea for best taste and aroma.
  • There Should be support program on what to eat and foods to avoid; plus some easy exercise for fast weight loss

I’m very sure only one or two companies meet all these criteria. I guarantee you there is one supplier I can vouch its products meets all these criterion.

Seconding, their Slim Tea and Slim Tea capsules contains the highest Polymerized polyphenol content compared to their closest rivals. Their Slim Oolong tea bags has 113 mg cup and the Slim Oolong tea capsule has 384 mg polyphenol. Closest rival has only about 84 mg per cup of the oolong tea bag.

Oolong tea is just not any other tea; it is highly celebrated in Chinese tea culture ceremonies. Not only because of its slimming effect, but due to its amazing health benefits. They include ability to reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 65% if you take up to 3 cups daily. It lowers cholesterol, fight teeth plaque, improve cardio-vascular health and help regulate blood sugar which is effective for weight loss in obese people; just to mention a few.

Loose Oolong Tea and 7 Interesting Facts About Oolong Tea

Loose Oolong Tea Leaves


Image Source: Cosmin Dordea

7 Interesting Facts About Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is just one of the four main types of tea. The others are white, green, and black. Each main classification can branch out into literally thousands of varieties, each one having its own distinct characteristic. All tea can provide wonderful flavor, offer many health benefits, and give folks a lifetime of sipping enjoyment.

So, brew a cup, sit back, and learn 7 interesting facts about the increasingly popular oolong tea and Oolong Tea Health Benefits.

1) Along with its three cousins, oolong originates from the same Camellia sinensis tea plant. Ultimately, it is the processing and fermentation that leaves go through which will determine what type they will become.

Our oolong class is a mix between black and green tea.

2) Once the leaves of oolong are plucked, and “bruised” so as to break them up which releases oil, the oxidation process can be anywhere from 10 to 70 percent, depending on the specific variety. No other tea type goes through such a broad range of fermentation.

3) Like green tea, oolong tea contains plant polyphenols that can aid in weight loss. For several years, and even to date, the green tea diet has captured the attention of thousands trying to naturally lose weight. However, as of late oolong tea has taken center stage, and several studies have shown it to be a greater calorie-burner than green tea.

4) China and Taiwan are the two countries this tea is most commonly cultivated in. Chinese varieties give us a more darker and “woody” tasting cup, where as the Taiwanese varieties produce a lighter, more floral tasting brew.

5) Oolong tea is also known as “Wu long tea”. Since there are two methods to Romanize Mandarin Characters, we get different spellings. Wu long is the Pinyin translation, and Oolong the Wades Giles system. Other names for oolong are brown tea and rock tea.

6) Although there can be hundreds, popular varieties are, Wu-yi tea, Formosa oolong, Ti Kuan Yin, and Pouchong. Each one offers a tea drinker distinct characteristics, full flavor, and many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, fighting free radicals, and even help with preventing tumor growth.

7) And finally, the most important oolong tea fact of all is…it is best enjoyed when carefully prepared using whole loose leaves! Folks can expect superior aroma, flavor, and health benefits utilizing this method!

That last one is crucial! Tea bags will not offer much flavor or benefits since they contain old pieces of dried up “tea dust” called fannings. It is because of this that many folks may get a wrong first impression on what could have been a wonderful flavorsome cup!

For more information about oolong tea and why Oolong Loose Tea leaf is simply better, see: Why Folks Should Buy Oolong Tea in Loose Form

Article Source: Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Review