Oolong Tea Vs Premium Okuma Wu-Long Slimming Tea Benefits

Benefits Of Premium Okuma Wu long Slimming Tea

Not all Wu long tea are created equal when it comes to the ability to burn fat and Oolong tea health benefits. In this regard, Premium Okuma Wu-long Tea stands out unchallenged. See a snick-pick of the Oolong tea benefits you can derive. The name Wu-long and Oolong are the same and can be used interchangeably.

The power of Okuma Wu-Long Tea is found in the polyphenol content of this tea that remains unmatched by other Oolong tea. Polyphenol in polymerized form is the power house or fat burning ingredient of Wu-long slimming tea.

Are you wandering why okuma Wu-long tea is being hyped about? Now see for yourself the comparison on the safety issues like, chemical, additive preservative content and many others in tabulation below.

Wulong tea Comparision

Checkout the most powerful, safe and effective weight loss, health and wellness tea you can get in the market for now. You can lose 1 – 3 pounds weekly with dieting and strenuous exercise.

Premium Okuma Wu-Long TeaTHe product details Of The Premium Wulong  CHINESE Slimming Tea

It’s an All natural 100% oolong tea from an elevation of 7,080 feet above sea level in WuYi Province region of China. It’s a graded Ti Kuan Yin  “The Iron Goddess” Brand that has a floral orchaid notes with smooth and mild finish.

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