Tea Drinking | Drinking Oolong Tea to Burn Belly Fat & lose Weight Fast – The First Must!

The benefits of tea drinking when it comes to drinking Oolong tea is actually significant, but many have taken it as any other slimming tea.  The oolong tea weight loss benefits are amazing to the extent that it can get you to lose weight and keep it off for good with no dieting or exercise..

In order to Burn Belly Fat and Lose Weight Fast, there are combination of factors that come into play. What you drink, eat, how and when; are major contributing factors. I think you will better understand some of them from MY PERSONAL STORY which I’m about to tell you.

How Bad Is Your Colon?
When I started drinking Wu-long tea, at first I did not lose significant pounds. Then I recalled my habit for some years. In recent years I have been eating late at night. I often go without meals during the day and only to eat at night and go to bed after few hours. I always wake up tired and with Bloated Stomach. I had difficulty moving my bowel and the smell was awful. In a nutshell, my bellyfat was getting bigger and I equally packed–up pounds.

What Should I Do If My Colon Is Full Of Junks and Toxins
Before any effort to get rid of belly fat and get slim you should assess your eating and drinking habit. No dinner after 5.00 Pm and no starving yourself during the day. Secondly, if you are like me, I advise you do undergo Natural Colon Cleansing. Check out for good all Natural Colon Cleanser that comes with health Probatics. Follow their direction in order to get effective colon cleansing.

WARNING! Don’t go for free trials, buy and sign up for refill at lower price which will be helpful if you need to cleanse again or family and friends. Avoid any cleanser that will get you rushing to bathroom – No LAXATIVE. Bear in mind after colon cleansing no eating of solid food for few days; rather liquid diet if you must reap the full benefits of the colon cleanse.

What Not to Drink with Oolong Tea If You Must Lose Weight
Abstain from drinking alcohol, and especially beer, juice from stores and all soda drinks including diet soda. Well for coffee a cup after you have drank your tea and taken breakfast will not make much difference. The problem with coffee is that it raises you metabolism and crashes it in a very short period of time.

Drinks That Go Together With Oolong Tea for effective Weight loss
If you must maintain a clean colon, get flat tummy, and ultimately knock-off pounds at will, it must starts with what you drink. You have heard that you should drink at least 8 cups of water in a day! After I got the junk out of my colon, I adopted a healthier approach to keeping my colon clean all the time. I stepped-up my water intake to about 10 cups daily. `However, the most important aspect of my new weight loss regimen was blending my own homemade blueberry juice. I have to emphasize that blue berry must be included followed by strawberry.

How I Made My Blueberry Homemade Fruit Juice.
I blend a mixture of I cup of blueberry, 11/2 cups of strawberry, ½ slice of big Apple for about 11/2 liters of Homemade Fruit Juice. Of course, you can blend any fresh or frozen fruit with the berries and add 2 teaspoons of ground Ginger.

In the next article we shall discuss how I drank the water, fruit juice and Oolong tea that helped me Lose Weight Fast – 15 pounds in 6 weeks. There was no workout; however I did brisk walk for 45 minutes daily and No dieting! To be honest with you I ate more healthy meals and still lost weight and now I’m in full control of my weight with Wulong Tea.

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