OolongTea Brand Polyphenol Conten Compared

Where to Buy Oolong Tea and What To Look For in Oolong Tea Weight Loss

When it comes to looking for Where To Buy Oolong Tea it could pretty difficult if you need an oolong tea for weight loss. The reason being that the intricacies involved in the semi-fermentation process towards producing oolong tee is wide-range hence varying degrees of oxidation of oolong teas in the market. Secondly, not all tea masters have the perfect knowledge of this intricate and involving process.

Considering Where To Buy Oolong Teas that will actually make you lose substantial amount of pounds very fast, the focus should be on the polyphenol content. Absolutely, high polyphenol content accounts for extra strength oolong Tea which burns fat and calories faster. This results in rapid weight loss when combined with healthy meals and minimal activity.


The semi-fermentation or partial oxidation results in the conversion of the polyphenols in tea leaves into polymerized polyphenol. This is actually the fat burning ingredient. This process is very intricate, as a result not all tea farms have their tea masters involved in making oolong tea. This partly accounts for the reason it’s not as popular as black and green tea. Equally, that makes oolong more expensive that other types of tea.

The Amount of the polymerized polyphenol in the final Wu long tea is affected by where the harvested tea leaves comes from and the species of the cultivars planted. Special strand of cultivars planted on high Wu Yi Mountains tend to have smaller yields but high polyphenol content. These are best used in the production of medical grade Oolong tea. The Wu long tea made from this tea leaves has extra ordinary strength and as a result burn far more fat and calories.

The easiest places to look for oolong tea is Amazon.com, teavana.com and Pallmall.com. Because most don’t talk about the milligram in their tea you may be deceived into spending much money for products with low milligrams of polymerized polyphenol. The Polymerized Polyphenols is everything!

Information To Look For When Buying Oolong Tea

  • Any extra strength oolong should contain only oolong or Wu- long tea and nothing else; no chemical, no additive and packaging material must be safe.
  • Secondly, the website you’re buying the product from should be able to tell the amount of polyphenol contained in one tea cup or capsule in milligrams.
  • Thirdly, they should be able tell you how to use it to burn more fat and calories.
  • How much caffeine in the tea in milligrams.
  • How to brew the tea for best taste and aroma.
  • There Should be support program on what to eat and foods to avoid; plus some easy exercise for fast weight loss

I’m very sure only one or two companies meet all these criteria. I guarantee you there is one supplier I can vouch its products meets all these criterion.

Seconding, their Slim Tea and Slim Tea capsules contains the highest Polymerized polyphenol content compared to their closest rivals. Their Slim Oolong tea bags has 113 mg cup and the Slim Oolong tea capsule has 384 mg polyphenol. Closest rival has only about 84 mg per cup of the oolong tea bag.

Oolong tea is just not any other tea; it is highly celebrated in Chinese tea culture ceremonies. Not only because of its slimming effect, but due to its amazing health benefits. They include ability to reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 65% if you take up to 3 cups daily. It lowers cholesterol, fight teeth plaque, improve cardio-vascular health and help regulate blood sugar which is effective for weight loss in obese people; just to mention a few.

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